Monday, April 4, 2011

Valentines day

this was a fun day because Rob surprised me with taking me to Tuscany, a really fancy restaurant (for us) that only had reservations at like 10 pm.
we bought each other a TV because we were in desperate need for an upgrade! So we went out for dinner came home and watched our new TV. reading over this it doesn't sound that cool, but it was a special day for us and I like keeping things simple :)

I guess I'll start wedding planning!

So I got this idea one day that I would make my own wedding dress, because for one: It's like 10 thousand dollars cheaper
for two: because I want to be the only one to wear my wedding dress.

I stayed in my room for two days making it and it turned out pretty awesome! I wanted to do beach casual meets vintage. I love it! so thats one less thing to cross off the list :)


Meet Nilla and DeeDee our two daughters!

Deedee's babies!
Nilla was the last born on november 22nd 2010

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We got home super late at night and just went to bed, then when we woke up he just wanted to talk to me... which was fine but then he started saying really sweet stuff so I kinda caught on. He talked out when we first met, how he felt about me. hard times and good times. then went on to say he can't wait to have kids with me and grow up together. I stopped him and said "YOUR MISSING ONE THING!" and he blushed and muffled under his breath "uhh mmm wanna marry me?" and my reply was " I need a ring don't I?" He kinda looked at me like of course your gonna make me do this. He gets out of bed grabs it (by this time were both crying) slides it on my finger and says "Sydnee, will you marry me?" "YES!"
Here's my beautiful ring! Can you believe he came up with that all by himself? It's a black pearl with tiny white pearls on the side. It fits me so perfectly and I love it so much!
WERE ENGAGED! and can't wait to spend forever together :)

My Birthday/Jamaica 2010

This was my first time traveling outside the US. And we wanted to go on an awesome trip together so we came to Jamaica! It's beyond words to express the beauty of this place. The people are so awesome too. There was a tropical storm while we were there and we still loved every moment of it! But we can back up for a second and I can tell you right before this trip rob and I moved in together and were planning on getting married sometime soon. But he told me because of this trip he didn't have any extra money to get my engagement ring. (that he designed himself) Little did I know that was a trick! and he was going to purpose in jamaica! Oh how romantic your thinking...

Turns out purposing is a really scary thing for someone who isn't good with words, and he chickened out! He didn't do it when we were on the beach alone at night and the weather was perfect! ....Then he had set it up on our last day there, that I would find it when my phone alarm went off. and I still didn't see it, because I didn't want to have to shut it off, then wake him up. I wanted the alarm to wake him up. Any time I've ever tried to wake him up he's cranky at me all morning. So to prevent that I just let the alarm continue to go off. Then he was bummed because his little plan didn't work out. So he put the ring away. At the airport he was acting weird and I'm clueless to the whole thing. I get on this communication kick. that he needs to let me know whats going on in his head because its not fair for me to know something is wrong but unless he tells me we cant get passed it together.. I guess I felt like he was being distant and I was mad about it. So he finally says " I have the ring.." so i jump up and say "Okay I'm ready!!!"
then he goes on to tell me the whole story of how it was supposed to happen and he backed himself into a corner and how everyone knows he was going to purpose in Jamaica so he effed it all up. So I'm still sitting there thinking wellllll, you can just do it right now. then he thought in an airport was lame. So I start crying because its so close but he's to stubborn to roll with the punches. Then I couldn't stop crying.. were boarding the plane and I'm crying. were taking off and I'm still crying. All I could think is.... if he can't do it in Jamaica, when the hell is he ever going to do it!?? So he leans over and says " I'm So Sorry" and all I said back was " I Just want this so bad!!! " he reply's " I do too Sydnee." ( when he calls me Sydnee that's when you know he's serious and heartfelt. regular days its just Syd) We talked it all out and he told me it would be soon when he did it.. so it made the whole day awkward and antsy because I can't control myself when I know surprises are coming.